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November 29th - December 1st


Art of Hosting and Harvesting 
Conversations that Matter

November 24th - November 26th 

De Poort, Groesbeek

You are warmly invited to join the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter training in Groesbeek, the Netherlands

Working with complexity to contribute to a more just and sustainable world

We are living in a time of multi-level and interconnected crises. We are experiencing these both at local and global levels. Each of us is impacted, whether we face:


  • changes in our organisations due to impending global recession or other external factors,

  • safety in our homes and community because of extreme climate conditions, wars or pandemics,

  • loss of biodiversity and ecological degradation due to unsustainable practices.


The status quo is no longer an option as this leads to climate denial, continuation of extraction and colonial practices, and ‘hero’ style leadership. This level of complexity is inviting each of us to cultivate new:


  • ways of perceiving that enables us to operate from a new worldview

  • skills that allows us to grow into relating and connecting differently,

  • collaborative approaches where solutions are discovered through transdisciplinary and collective means.  


Many of us are already involved in the search of discovering regenerative futures. Whether you are a social innovator, organisational leader, school teacher, family member, we know radical change is needed. We know that the urgency and imperative we are experiencing in our different contexts, is inviting us to embrace the complexity in these challenges, learn and move to new levels of living and working.   


  • How do we do this? 

  • How do we become aware that our current worldview might be what is blocking us and how do we learn a new one?

  • How do we move beyond the ‘hero’ image of a leader and the individualism that many of us live in? 

  • How do we learn collaborative skills such as listening, sensing, discerning? 

  • How do we create the conditions for more participative societies to arise?


The Art of Hosting offers the awareness and practices necessary to face complexity as we transition between paradigms and collaboratively create new ways of organising towards new regenerative futures. It is a practice that prioritises diversity and collaboration where we discover and cultivate new collective intelligence together.


It is experiential and hands-on. We  exchange knowledge, experience participatory methods, explore mental models and theories of  complexity and systems thinking. We dive into new forms of leadership, based on Living Systems, where interconnection, collaboration and self-organising around purpose lead to results for collective wellbeing.


In this experiential training, you’ll be guided by an international team of Art of Hosting practitioners with combined experience in diverse sectors, from government to business to non-profit.


Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 20.53.11.png

Who is this for?

This training is for:

  • people who are ready to step into their passionate and edgy work holding the seed of a new idea;

  • people who are ready to bring new life to a project, initiative or visions to create new forms of living and are ready to collaborate and explore with others;

  • new and emerging leaders who are asking HOW to move their visions forward taking their ideas into action based on who they are and what they believe possible;

  • people who already hosting emerging movements, networks or systemic change initiatives and asking how to deepen them, make them sustainable or scale them up.



We invite you!

  • Social entrepreneurs

  • Organisational intrapreneurs

  • Professionals

  • Decision-makers and teams

  • Managers within municipalities

  • NGO and development workers

  • Community leaders and
    program managers

  • Corporate innovators and consultants

  • Convenors of cross-sector dialogues.

What will you learn?

Together we will explore new perspectives, tools and practical ways of engaging a diverse group of people to discover new ideas and solutions by working generatively with complexity, conflict and emergence

Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Design collaborative initiatives and projects

  • Host meaningful conversations and harvest actionable insights

  • Apply Art of Participatory Leadership methods to your projects and challenges (Such as World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Circle practice… )

  • Be more resilient and equipped for adapting to an ever-changing world

  • Leverage models for working with complexity, conflict and emergence

  • Translating your ideas and seeds of innovation into experiments and initiatives

  • Notice and shift personal, team and systemic behaviours and norms

  • Introduce the benefits of participatory leadership to your own field



De Poort, Groesbeek (NL)

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