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The Team

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Mansi feels fortunate to have lived an unconventional story bringing her from being an architect in India to a practitioner designing & hosting meaningful conversations, processes and a co-founder of Conscious Business. She offers a deep connection to life, treehugging, humour, stories, a listening ear, unexpected creative ideas, hugs, warmth, some madness, energy & a lot of colour.


Originating from India and living in the Netherlands since the year 2000, you could call her a cross-pollinating generalist who has interdisciplinary work experience in several international organisations & across various sectors. In 2008, a growing sense of climate urgency led her to re-orient herself & step off the conveyer belt of "success & safety". In this last decade, she has been strongly purpose driven and focuses on facilitating participatory leadership, DEI & empowerment through building capacities, skills & communities.


Having grown up with strong family/cultural values around justice, equality and being in service (sewa), she tries her best to embody these values in her way of being.

Mansi Jasuja

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Maria is a process artist, host and social entrepreneur, creating the conditions for individuals, teams and leaders to live their fullest potential. She offers her natural ability to see patterns, create structure and design processes so that new solutions and forms can be co-created. Maria has applied this through working as a corporate director in the public sector in the UK, a consultant for over 20 years, a co-initiator of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversation, as well as a founder of Axladitsa-Avatakia and the Living Wholeness Institute. She is also co-founder of AoHAthina in Greece, an initiative bringing participative leadership in times of collapse and crisis.

Maria Scordialos

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Yannick Wassmer (he/him) is a student of equitable systems change and a complexity nerd. He loves to design and facilitate collaborative change processes and transformative learning experiences - using participatory and dialogic methodologies for inner and outer change.


He firmly believes that the challenges we face as society are far too complex for any individual, organisation or sector to solve alone and therefore require radically different ways of working and being together.


In recent years, Yannick has organised, designed, and facilitated large scale multi-stakeholder collaboration processes addressing challenges including race, energy, drugs, health, and sustainable development. 

Yannick Wassmer

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Laura supports organizations & communities to navigate the complexity of the work they do by fostering collaboration & creating an environment characterized by participation, engagement & trust. Over the past 10 years she has worked with local governments, European institutions, developmental NGOs, Philanthropic organizations and social enterprises, to support these organizations and institutions in working collaboratively and addressing our most pressing societal issues through a new lens of collaboration and active  participation.


In her work, Laura brings together different methodologies such as “The Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership”, U-theory, Process Design, Deep Democracy and NonViolent Communication in order to offer a unique approach to collaboration and organizational development. Originally from Italy, Laura has been living for the past several years in the Netherlands, working both with local organizations as well as internationally. 

Laura Grassi

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Isabel facilitates groups, researches unlearning , and organises  alternative education programs.


As a graphic facilitator she works to surface collective wisdom with beauty and rigour to propel visions forward into next steps. She aims to create conditions for listening and brings norm critical approaches to education, which has led her to various designer and strategist roles in the nonprofit sector.


She currently works at Hyper Island in Stockholm, remaining a visiting lecturer at YIP and MSLS. She takes care of and is building a house on a Swedish island with five friends, her current richest learning ground in life cycles, collaboration and team decision making.

Isabel Chender

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Sara Huang 黃詩惠 (she/her) is the founder and lead facilitator at Bureau Tw!st, which designs and supervises group sessions that create space for difficult conversations, verbalizing and owning discomfort, and growth and transformation.


Bureau Tw!st isn’t just for conflict resolution – they believe facilitated cooperative processes are like a lightning rod for innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collective wisdom.

Sara’s work is influenced by Deep Democracy (Process Oriented Psychology & the Lewis Method), the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, (making the abstract tangible and concrete), Art of Hosting, Theory U, visual facilitation, and the experience she gains from every engagement she facilitates.

Sara Huang

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Dona is a facilitator and community-builder, working at the intersection of water, environment and social transformation projects. For over a decade she has worked in the worlds of NGO, with government agencies and the private sector, and is currently in academia as a doctoral researcher (PhD) on water governance, based in Amsterdam.


Dona sees the world through a hybrid-lens, being Lebanese born and partly growing up in Canada. She has a cultural fluency that comes handy when working with diversity, from grassroots initiatives to high level forums. She stubbornly believes 'if we don't have fun, we can't get work done' and weaves cooperation pedogogy with tools from the AoH, Processwork, Systems and Design Thinking, Social Innovation Labs and Theory U among others. She works towards co-creating a world inspired by feminist political ecology principles and built around care. 

Dona Geagea

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From his study Industrial Design Engineering in Delft onwards, Niels enjoys creating circumstances where every person involved can flourish. Niels is creative, adventurous and people oriented. Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U, Transformational Presence, Art of Hosting and Agile, are among his tools to create the conditions for people to find each other and come to shared solutions. He knows how to get people involved in processes that are slightly outside their comfort zone, but ultimately contribute to a supported solution. 


The focus in Niels’ work has been to deliver results that improve people’s surroundings. Doing so within teams and organisations, to create organisational designs, airport development, marketing & communication, sustainable energy, co-living solutions, retail, IT, web designs, and construction works. 

Niels Bouwmeester

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Juliette is a group facilitator, breathwork coach, and trainer at high schools, where she supports kids to use their talents and energy for social change. With a conservative and international upbringing, and an idealistic heart, Juliette has found herself in diverse groups with varied viewpoints. These experiences have strengthened her drive in creating spaces in which we can find shared understanding.


She is a student of Theory U, Active Hope, and Art of Hosting facilitation methodologies. With her origins rooted in England and her upbringing primarily in the Netherlands, she feels called to ‘re-learn’ how to live in deep connection and harmony with the Earth, oneself, each other and our communities. 

Juliette Westerink

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